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Tandem appeals to Carrboro’s progressive community by blending Chef Younes’s Moroccan roots with western dishes, incorporating locally sourced ingredients into their food and holding fundraisers.

Interior of Tandem, focusing on the classic red booths and string lights



Another angle showcasing the interior of Tandem, wooden tables and alternative seating
  • Location: 200 N Greensboro St #1a, Carrboro, NC 27510
  • Hours:

Monday closed

Tuesday & Wednesday 11am – 9:30pm

Thursday to Saturday 11am – 10:30pm

Sunday 10:30am 9pm

Tarheel Tips

  1. Tandem is conveniently located next to Carr Mill Mall, a great place to window shop and experience the rich sense of community that Carrboro has to offer!
  2. If you are looking to purchase a meal that is cost effective and delicious, I would highly recommend trying the beef brisket sandwich. At an affordable price you can taste the mouthwatering blend of western taste and Moroccan spices!
  3. If the weather’s nice, Tandem also offers outdoor patio seating which features beautiful string lights which illuminate at night and create a beautiful, inviting atmosphere!


Emma Sabouh

Newlyweds Younes and Emma Sabouh dreamed of opening their own restaurant that both unified the community and celebrated Younes’s Moroccan roots. This dream was finally brought to reality in 2016 through the opening of Tandem, an upscale restaurant in Carrboro that combines Moroccan tastes with contemporary dishes.

Chef Younes

Chef Younes grew up in Morocco where he learned a diverse number of cooking styles including braising and cooking in clay. He also has experience working in France and has traveled extensively to gain a variety of cooking skills from different parts of the world.

Emma Sabouh was born in England and met Chef Younes when she was working as a General Manager of City Kitchen restaurant in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She has fifteen years of managing experience and possesses qualities of great management and leadership.

By utilizing their combined experience and expertise, both Emma Sabouh and Chef Younes have established a niche in Carrboro by appealing to it’s community.

Tandem appeals to Carrboro’s progressive community by blending Chef Younes’s Moroccan roots with western dishes, incorporating locally sourced ingredients into their food and holding fundraisers.


Tandem’s warm interior creates an inviting atmosphere

Tandem attracts Carrboro’s progressive community through their Moroccan and American fusion menu.

Specifically, Tandem constructs a bridge between familiar tastes and new ones in order to help their customers feel more comfortable with different kinds of food. Hong argues:

 “familiarity provides the context for new foods and signals their palatability and safety” (Hong et al. 111).




By making the assertion that familiarity is connected to safety, it is clear to see how restaurants use familiarity to signal palatability in their cuisine.

Beef Brisket Sandwich

Tandem in particular signals palatability by incorporating western food with Chef Younes’s Moroccan roots in order to appease to consumer taste and provide context for those new foods.

The brilliant incorporation of familiarity and diversity is seen in Tandem’s take on a beef brisket sandwich. Although Tandem integrates Moroccan spices in this dish, it is still a dish that is recognizable and well known to American customers. This enables Tandem to appeal to customers who want the familiarity of traditionally western foods without comprising their curiosity for Moroccan cuisine.


Additionally, Tandem appeals to the progressive Carrboro demographic by utilizing locally sourced resources to create their dishes.

This use of local is especially important since consumers are starting to care more about where their food comes from, forcing restaurants to adapt to this change. According to the British Food Journal, consumers have:

“began to pay more attention to healthy diets, the environment, and local economies” (Lang et al. 1809).

Tandem incorporates fresh ingredients into their menu

As a result, this has caused restaurants like Tandem to incorporate more locally sourced ingredients into their dishes in order to adapt to their consumers’ needs. These needs are  more focused on how local foods are healthier and less on food that’s quick and “easy”.

This focus on the local inspires Tandem to buy locally sourced food from local businesses which further allows Tandem to appeal to its customer base since it aligns with Carrboro’s progressive practices. This is evident as Carrboro’s own mayor Lydia Lavelle, described how she is,

“working to promote the values and ideals that have helped Carrboro become one of the most progressive and forward thinking communities in North Carolina.”

Since Tandem is located in Carrboro, they have brilliantly utilized these values to shape how they can most effectively appeal to this progressive community through their menu. This is clearly represented in their menu that states that they:

“Source the majority of our product from local farms, at times this is not always possible with the level of volume, demand and supply but here are the local sources that we love and support”

By including this statement in their menu, Tandem exhibits its commitment to satisfying their community’s needs and upholding their beliefs.


Personalized view of the interior seating at Tandem.

Not only does Tandem appeal to their community through their blended and locally sourced menu, but they hold benefit nights to raise money for organizations. Examples of these organizations include The AIDS Walk and the NC Aids Network Alliance.

Holding these fundraisers strengthens the bond between Tandem and their Carrboro community. Elizabeth Lange and Tara Fenwick found that:

“small business owners tend to be embedded in a sense of relationship with and commitment to the well-being of the local geographic community” (Lange & Fenwick 41).

By hosting fundraisers and fulfilling their commitment to their community, Tandem successfully fosters a relationship and solidifies a niche within Carrboro.

Clearly, this has benefited Tandem and allowed them to appeal to this demographic since their benefit night has:

“proven to be an amazing program with great results, the community around us has embraced it and made it a success.”

The connection between community and Tandem gives them the ability to succeed in being portrayed by their community as a selfless restaurant that is willing to contribute to progressive campaigns that raise awareness for social issues. It also reveals Tandem as being very conscious of other issues and helps to separate them from restaurants who are only looking to make a profit. This appeals to the Carrboro community because it upholds their innovative and liberal ideals.


Tandem expertly creates a niche for themselves within their geographical realm by directly appealing to the needs of their consumers. They base their menu and their fundraisers around progressive ideology to cater to their consumers in the Carrboro area and illustrate that they care about their beliefs.

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